Easy and Powerful !

"Flash return", using Adobe Flash CS / Flash CC / Animate CC and AS3 develop HTML5 applications quickly. [examples]

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Development of HTML5 application / game is very simple and efficient!

  • We use Flash / AnimateCC built AS3 scripts and libraries to develop HTML5, just like the development of flash work.
  • Engine implements to Flash Lite 4 based library functions. Meet the needs of the vast majority of developers. Flash Lite 4
  • All resources are packaged in 1 file, making it easy to deploy and distribute.
  • Source file(swf file) and output file size approaches.
  • WebGL or Canvas2D rendering mode will be automatically selected.

Beta 1.160318

  • Support for XML and XMLList class, but it is recommended to use JSON.
  • Support style box.
  • Support touch events into mouse events, so we only use mouse events when developing, it can be run properly in a mobile terminal.

Beta 1.151212

  • Optimizes image’s loading speed.
  • Improve the display quality of the dynamic text and static text that using device fonts.
  • Improve the display quality when show in high resolution devices.
  • Fixes the text can not be displayed, when embedded Chinese fonts.
  • Fixes Textfield display problems when using the device fonts.
  • Fixes input Textfield‘s position error, when displaying in high resolution devices.
  • Fixes a error of mouse event, DisplayObject when the mouseChildren = false and mouseEnabled = true, the event could not normally trigger.